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Sungmi Kong

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 53

Sungmi Kong

An artist was born in Korea and active in Canada.
Rainbow Studio Gallery owner.

Member of
Ontario Society Art (OSA)
Burlington Fine Arts Association (BAFF)
Korean Artists Society of Canada (KASC)
Colour and Form Society's (OJE)

She is a Korean-Canadian who was born in Korea and immigrated to Canada in 2010. She majored in Korean painting at Dong-duk Women's University and graduated in 2000. Since 2015, she has been actively working as a Korean painting painter, participating in various exhibitions in Canada.
Sungmi Kong is best known for her unique Korean traditional folk-art artist using Korean 'Hanji-paper' and instructor, which have often been exhibited throughout the Greater Toronto Area for the past few years and getting well recognized. She has conducted numerous exhibitions to introduce Korean traditional paintings to Koreans and Canadians living in Canada, earning awards through these displays. In 2018, she was selected as one of three Canadian artists for a documentary film project. The project, titled the Healing Art Project, depicted the challenging experiences of Syrian refugees and the process of creating portraits for them. This project resulted in the Healing Portraits Project, an award-winning television documentary in Canada by the Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA).
As a result of this project, the filmmaker developed an interest in Sungmi's traditional Korean folk painting, 'Minhwa.' In 2020, a new documentary was produced, focusing on Minhwa, with Sungmi Kong participating as the main artist. This documentary aimed to introduce and convey the significance of Minhwa, providing insights into the artistic process. We displyed 5 Minhwa-bookselve(책가도)’ paintign at Oakville MP Pam Damoff’s office in 2023.
Since 2018, she has held the esteemed position of owner at Rainbow Studio Gallery. Her noteworthy contributions extend to organizing diverse exhibitions in Canada, curating collaborative showcases that foster active cultural exchange and enhance the dynamic art market, particularly between Korean and Canadian artists engaged in her initiatives. Simultaneously, she is dedicated to creating opportunities for numerous amateur and youth artists, facilitating their participation in enjoyable events such as exhibitions and competitions. Her extensive involvement in various art activities has left a profound impact on the local community, resulting in her nomination for the 2022 Queen's Platinum Jubilee award by Oakville MP Pam Damoff, an accolade that attests to her significant achievements and contributions in the field.
In 2023, through the 'Together' exhibition, an event commemorating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and Korea, a large-scale exhibition will be successfully held at QEPCCC with the participation of 8 Korean artists, 8 Canadian artists, and 80 amateur artists and youth. It was held. This exhibition was an opportunity for harmony and cultural exchange between Korea and Canada through the invitation of the Canadian MP from Oakville, the Consul General in Toronto, musicians, and local residents.
She will make to share and show diverse artistic practices brings us together. Her goal was to create new relationships and exhibit an enjoyable and engaging experience that will enrich the entire community. She is looking forward to discovering the threads that connect us all.

Exhibitions and Awards
Present : Rainbow Studio Gallery owner, artist and art instructor.
2023 "Lightness" Duo show with Dominique at Propeller gallery
'Moment' Show with Vanessa Cross at Rainbow studio
"Together' show the 60th anniversary of Diplomatic Canada & South Korea QEPCCC
​ 'The Collaborative Experience' documentary project with pianist Charles Cozens
Colour and Form Society's OJE Nelson Park Community center
Peel district high school board "Minhwa" classes on-line & off line
2022 Received Queen Elizabeth II's 70th Platinum Jubilee award
Colour and Form Society's OJE Josept D art gallery Annual show
Korean Healing "Minhwa art Documentary" Film instructor and one of artists
KASC annual show in Paper-mill gallery,
BAFF annual juried show in Burlington mall
2020-2021 Selected Colour and Form Society's OJE 2021
Selected Artist mark Juried show AGB ON, Canada.
Joshua Creek art Gallery selected Juried show Oakville, ON, Canada.
2019 AGB Kaleidoscope show Fine art guild 1st award.
Healing portrait project documentary.​ One of the three selected artist shows.
2018 Hub Show One of 30 selected Juried artist shows at Burlington mall
AGB Kaleidoscope show Fine art guild Honorable mention award.
Healing portrait project documentary starting.
Solo Show in Oakville.
2016,2018 AGB Kaleidoscope Group show.
2000 Graduated Dong-duck University Fine art.

Funders & Sponsors

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