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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Sophia Muller

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 183

Sophia Muller has worked across a variety of disciplines including ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and acrylics. She did her foundation studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design and graduated from White Mountain Academy of the Arts with an Associate's Degree. Sophia lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

In her current body of work she uses film and video stills from vintage home movies and documentaries found online, which she then alters with paint, sanding and pouring medium and sets in a circular format. For her, the circular panels represent the lens, through which people perceive forgotten moments and past realities. The images are dream-like, with double lines, moire patterns, pixelation and the subtle blurriness that comes with digital/analog layering. These hazy screen grabs are worked over until the ideal mood is created. She thinks of this process of working as similar to the way in which a person feels their way through thoughts and memories - memory is subjective and creative.

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