Artist Gallery: Shawni Proulx

Shawni Proulx

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 70

I like to work with recycled wood. For many years now I have recycled that wood into new, durable, handcrafted pieces.
Reclaimed wood has its challenges but the need to be inventive, to find creative uses for every stick keeps me engaged. The beauty of this approach is not just in being sustainable but in the actual wood, the variety of colors, stains, textures, and grains. Each of my creations is unique. I do not follow patterns. I start with an idea and then let the wood guide me. While my work is generally functional, I do allow myself to have fun and create purely visual pieces.
I feel I have found a way to express myself through my craft. My work has evolved these last few years. Assemblages and sculptures allow me to create works that are open-ended, allowing the viewer to form their own interpretations.

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