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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Scott Maracle

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 284

I am a member of the Mohawk nation, which is part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and I reside on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, Canada. My journey in photography initially began as a hobby many years ago. In 2017, I suffered a stroke that left me in a coma with a grim prognosis for recovery. Although I worked hard to heal from the difficulties of the event, I am deemed disabled due to the effects of the stroke. Unable to return to my former work, I turned to photography as a means to cope with my new life. I utilize photography daily as a tool to assist my memory as the captured images allow me to recall places and events, but I also use it to create artwork and convey feeling and thought through my images. Photography allows me to view the world in a new light as I have become more accepting of life’s events and challenges.

Aside from using photography as a memory aid, my creative work is primarily focused on four main subjects – nature, Indigenous images, the hand of man, and religion. I utilize only natural or available light and shoot in a number of genres including landscape, nature, street, minimalism, architectural and black and white photography. I rarely have human figures in my photographs but sometimes include them when they add perspective to the scene or image presented. Through my work I want to initiate thought and emotion in the viewer while presenting creative images and unnoticed scenes from the everyday world around us.

The Toronto Outdoor Art Fair will be the first time I have ever participated in an art fair or shown my images publicly.

Scott Maracle
May 2024

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