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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Sara Petroff

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 233

With degrees in both Visual Arts and Interior Design, Sara served as the curator/artistic director of Petroff Gallery for over 20 years, selling the business in 2013, dedicating time for her own studio art practice, where she is truly happiest, hands dirty, creating something from nothing. 

Drawn to salvaging traces of time, these multi-disciplinary sculptures salvage and up-cycle obsolete ephemera discarded as trash, to reframe history in emotionally engaging narratives.

Often in the form of clothing, these are not intended as historical costume, but rather to serve as an intimate, familiar space into which the viewer brings forward their own personal memories.

Drawing upon her experience in and love of art history, calligraphy, sculpture, interior design and construction, this work satisfies her need to simultaneously hang onto and let go of the past.

Recipient of Best in Show and People’s Choice Awards at the Artist’s Network outdoor exhibitions and elected to the Society of Canadian Artists and the Women’s Art Association of Canada, Sara Petroff’s work leaves a lasting impression.

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