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Nathan Phillips Square July 7-9

Queenie Xu

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 275

Queenie Xu is a ceramist and designer currently based in Toronto. Raised in China, Queenie received her BFA in Industrial Design. During her time in Jingdezhen, she learned the history and skills of ceramics from her surroundings. After volunteering at The Pottery Workshop in 2013, where she fell in love with clay. In 2014, moved to Canada, and she received her Bachelor's Degree in Craft and Design from Sheridan College. And continue the practice since then.

"My designs seek to explore how ceramic objects can be containers of emotion, as well as how the simplicity of an object can be a complex expression. I think about the relationship between objects and the space they are surrounded by. I create functional pieces that can move beyond their function toward a sculptural installation."

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