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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Pascal Normand

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 233

Since childhood, I love to venture off the beaten path. The textural uniqueness of industrial landscapes and the architectural jewels found within are my primary source of inspiration and at the heart of my creative process.

When it comes to my focus, nocturnal photography, I combine digital art and spray paint to offer another perspective onto these places; a collective memory to which I pay tribute by giving life to an actual urban aesthetic where evocative settings are intricately established.

The work becomes the scene of a story that echoes that of the highlighted neighbourhood or buildings, a synthetic language that is built from dualities. The light, as such, reveals details invisible to the naked eye and contrasts with the complete darkness, the bright colour that defies washing out scrap metal… enough tension that triggers emotion and identification.

Please migrate to my website for complete infos about me, artwork, buying, shipping, and more… ENJOY!

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