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TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Ocelotl Rocha Vielma

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 72

Ocelotl RochaVielma is a sculptor and multimedia artist, originally from Northern Mexico. He explores traditional Mexican aesthetics in a modern context through media such as drawing various forms of sculpture and earthenware. RochaVielma currently resides in Toronto, Canada where he attends the OCADU. RochaVielma is a self-taught sculptor, and further refines his skills at OCAD University. He continues to enrich his artistic practice.

I explore traditional representational forms through a modern lens. I bring the giant Olmeca heads, beautiful Zapotec earthenware, and pre-Hispanic illustration styles found in the codices into the present. I do not mimic these styles and forms, but rather, I am inspired by them and bring them and hybridize them by bringing them into conversation with contemporary art.

In my childhood growing up in Mexico near the U.S.A. border, I was exposed to various forms of art. However, the most noteworthy and influential in my practice are diverse styles of depiction from pre-colonial America along with Mexican murals, Chicano street art, Tex Mex art, and graffiti.

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