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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Noémie L. Côté

Orleans, Ottawa
Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 135

Looking at a piece by Noémie L. Côté you are at once hit by the sugar-pop of colour that reimagines the landscapes she brings to life on canvas. It’s hard not to be swept along in the bounce of her impasto painted strokes and moved by the sheer joy that emanates from her work.

Noémie specializes in vibrant open-impressionist landscapes that capture the essence of a scene, breathes new life into it and leaves the observer uplifted. It’s as if her mind were a prism that takes in the white light that she sees and disperses the component colours on the rolling hills or through the branches of a tree. This gives her work the quality of blown glass where colours play off each other and come together as a whole to define the feeling of a scene.

In contrast to the chaos and harshness of daily life, Noémie finds solace in bringing nature’s soothing beauty to canvas. These days you can find her, hair wildly blowing, plein-air painting in our beloved national and provincial parks of Canada, in my sneakers snapping pictures of the morning light falling across a lake, or capturing the straight rows of grapevines contrasted with the wild flowers of a west coast vineyard.

Her full-time studio is in the heart of Canada’s capital, Ottawa and her work is currently being featured in the Koyman Galleries, Butter Gallery, Crown & Press, Ryan Fine Art Gallery and you will find the greatest collection of her most recent paintings on her website.

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