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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Nicole Sutherland

Thunder Bay
Exclusively Online

Nicole Sutherland is an artist from North Western Ontario, Canada. Nicole studied at the University of Manitoba and received her Honours Degree in Fine Art. She worked as a Graphic Designer for many years at various Ontario Government agencies and finally at Lakehead University. This changed in 2001, when she returned to University to attain her Bachelor of Education to became an Elementary school teacher. Throughout her career she maintained a love of visual arts and continued to develop her skill. She specializes in painting brightly coloured landscapes in oils, inspired by her love of nature. Nicole paints in a style that is characterized by the use of intense colour, which becomes the dominant feature of the resultant work of art, more important than its other qualities. Nicole hopes that her work strikes a desire for her audience to come up close and to look at broad, thick strokes, that somehow take on the wild, abstract side of nature. But then stepping back, she wants her audience to see that the strokes do make order and the audience finds beauty in her landscapes. Perhaps they can even see a tree or rock or something in between.

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