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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Nasim Asachi

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 131

I was interested in art since I was a child, after taking a drawing class in my free time during my teenage years, I became more interested in this art and did hand-drawn graphic design many times during my studies.

In the early years of my entry into the field of pottery and ceramics, I met other masters and slowly gained courage and started producing works independently.
I have worked with a list of professional artists and learnt a lot. Finally, it was happened, there is stablished a gallery in Vancouver by us for presenting our handcrafted artworks.

According to me, the necessary condition in the production of terracotta and ceramic conceptual works is the correctness of the technical techniques and ceramic principles used, and the sufficient condition is the existence of sufficient reasons to implement that concept only in this format.

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