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Margaret Gdyczynski

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 210

My interest in photographing architecture was ignited by the interiors of old basilicas while I studied art in Florence, Italy. I’m an OCAD alumni and I’ve been exploring historical structures, new builds and the details that often trigger memories and personal associations.

Our memories can be triggered by sights, sounds, smells, or even emotions. They can be vivid and detailed, transporting us back in time and evoking emotions, from joy and happiness to sadness or regret. Nostalgia is the emotional response to those memories. It arises when we encounter something that reminds us of a particular time or place from our past. Nostalgia can be triggered by music, photographs, or even conversations. It can evoke a sense of comfort and longing for the past. In these photographs, I explore how memories and nostalgia are deeply intertwined.

My method borrows from a film camera process of double exposure. It starts with photographing various angles of the interior space, then the multiple exposures are layered digitally to create a single impression.

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