Artist Gallery: Linh VH Nguyen

Linh VH Nguyen

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 19

Linh VH Nguyen is an multidisciplinary queer artist exploring interconnectedness and multiplicity. Using a variety of methods including historical photographic processes, digital manipulation, and needle-craft techniques, they mesh and recombine different elements together, both physically and digitally, to create composites and collages. Through their work, Nguyen aims to evoke reflections on the inter-temporality and inter-locality of images, healing, and identification. They draw inspiration from their Vietnamese heritage, critical theory, movement practices, performing arts, and other artists such as Mieke Bal, Wes Anderson, Sara Cwynar, Michiko Kon, Lana and Lilly Wachowski. Their work has been exhibited in artists-run centres across Canada and held in private collections.

Profile picture by Jaime Nesrallah.

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