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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Kate Hollett

Exclusively Online

My art delves into identity and episodic & semantic memory reconciliation, aiming to redefine reality. It reflects on social media's influence in shaping our life stories, while merging beauty and pain within memories, crafting a powerful, singular narrative that shapes us.

For many years I used multimedia to explore emotions & communication in The “I Love You” Project. In “Mind Chatter, Moments of Beauty” video installation I examined the brain, featured at The NeuroAesthetics Association & the School of Mind & Brain.

My work focused on multi media after an accident made it impossible for me to piant making me nauseous every time I tried. I tried to paint over the years but it always ended up in tears. Then one day, 10 years after the accident, it came back and I could paint again. It was like a part of my soul had returned. And, my style was drastically different changing from from Abstract, Visual Language to Realism.

I feel as if I am re-emerging as an artist, challenged to visualize the separations of reflection, memory and the self as whole reality.

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