Artist Gallery: Kamaldeep Kaur

Kamaldeep Kaur

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 288

There is a path from phantasy back again to reality, and that is Art”- Freud 
Following these words of Freud, I believe art is the creation of the subconscious mind and a bit of reality. My aesthetical beliefs always lead me towards portraying the truth through my eyes.

I'm a contemporary artist, an art educator, and a multidisciplinary artist from India who is new to Canada.

I did my masters in actuarial science, then I took the artistic part and did my diploma and masters in arts. I have been working in the field of art since 2014.

Art turned my life around from a mathematical background and working in the corporate sector to someone who feels life and cherishes every moment spent as an artist. I started my career by making realistic paintings to capture the life of Buddha, and now I have come a long way to my latest theme, which is based on my subconscious mind and the thoughts that go around me.
Through various international and national art exhibitions, art has always connected me with people through conducting art workshops and working as an art teacher.
I have also received the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Merit Award for the Delhi Zone in 2017.

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