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July 12 – 14, 2024.

José Unda


José Unda (1948-Present) is an esteemed abstract expressionist living in Toronto, (Canada) and Quito (Ecuador), who has captured art collectors’ curiosity and admiration for more than 6 decades.

Having exhibited in 10 countries, José’s art has been featured in several art books, and he has sold his work to renowned art collectors including Luciano Benetton (Italian Billionaire of Benetton Group S.r.l.)

In 1969 José Unda participated in a seminal ‘anti-show’ that transformed Ecuadoran artistic modernity – the “Anti-Salon,” led by ‘Cuatro Mosqueteros’ – a group of which he is still a part of, today. José has also exhibited with Christopher Cutts Gallery in Toronto and was in a group show in the 1990’s with Ray Mead of the Painters Eleven, when he was a resident in Canada.

Today, José’s work appears periodically in galleries in Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United States, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. Visiting different places has given him a unique perspective on the world and serves to influence his constant growth as an established master of abstract expressionism. You can see how his roots have made an impact on his artwork, where he often represents indigenous and philosophical cosmopolitan themes.

For discerning abstract art collectors who wish to bring contemplation into their lives, Unda’s works abound with endless signs. The harmonious symbols he manifests are both a reflection of his affinity for art as a form of therapy, and a blending of oriental philosophies with his Latin American roots. for works available to purchase

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