Artist Gallery: Jill Hobson

Jill Hobson

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 135

I am a Toronto-based visual artist interested in genuine, supportive relationships and the goodwill that holds people together. My exploratory painting practice is a way to search for meaning in my relationship to self, others, and our precious planet.
I tell a new kind of story by painting an imaginary, inclusive, and hopeful world. I reinvent the figure in diverse ways, varying their degree of abstraction, diminishing barriers between them and equalizing them to their essential humanity. Paintings raise questions and invite viewer completion. I paint in layers that are abstracted and intuitive. I experiment by joining together source material. I use symbolic, expressive colour and connecting processes like paste, blend, merge and share.
Raised in New Zealand, I graduated with Honours in Painting from Auckland University. I am grateful to exhibit, paint commissions, jury shows and take residencies. I have paintings in many international private, public and corporate collections.

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