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TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Janna Robins Walters

Exclusively Online

Janna Robins Walters is a multi-disciplinary artist born and based in Toronto. Janna’s work is included in private and public collections across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. At the previous Toronto Outdoor Art Fairs, Janna’s work was selected and featured in four individual curator picks. Janna has worked as an Arts Administrator, an illustrator, graphic designer, teacher, curator, and an art consultant. Janna’s continuing education includes earning a BFA from Syracuse University in painting & illustration, a certificate from Rhode Island School of Design, a certificate of Computer Graphics from Sheridan, and art courses at OCAD, TSA, and Project Art.
Janna's art is collected internationally and she is currently represented by Newzones Contemporary Gallery of Art in Calgary Alberta and Gallery 133 Toronto, Ontario.

"I begin each artwork without a preconceived end result. Oftentimes inspired by a small area or detail of my own sketch or canvas, this is the starting point for an iPad drawing with which I can play, evoking moods by collaging, layering and adding colours. I re-scale and print my iPad drawing onto fine art paper, then start all over applying additional water, paper and oil-based media.
I focus on depicting objects that for me, signify people, embodiments of calm and happiness. I see my artworks as imbued with compassion & humanity, an antidote to the disruptions of current events. I hope viewers will feel drawn in, encouraged to look deeper, to escape, and to remain open to multiple interpretations.

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