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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Ian Castañeda

North York

Ian Castañeda is a Filipino artist based in Toronto. He had a proclivity for art and capturing beauty onto a canvas ever since his formative years. This keen interest was nurtured by his love for history and by the ubiquitous religious art in his home country. He relentlessly improves his skills as a self-taught artist as he explores different styles and materials in his portrayal of the human figure and his signature subject: paper. He first exhibited his works in 2015 at Deutsche Bank in Manila. He participated in various group shows and in 2017, his works were shown in ManilArt, the longest-running art fair in the Philippines. He continued to produce and show works until he immigrated to Canada in 2020.

Ian's paintings of paper are about appreciating beauty in imperfection. He creates sculptural compositions through the folds, creases, and wrinkles of the paper. By looking at it in a different light, we can discover fascinating lines, shapes, and forms. Thus, that simple piece of crumpled paper is not trash, but rather it can be considered a thing of beauty. Using oil paint to render the patterns formed by the wrinkles and creases, he gives life to the varied figures he finds within a piece of paper. The abstract quality of the folds allows a myriad of themes to unfold before the viewer's eyes.

Please visit his website for more of Ian's work. For inquiries, Ian can be reached through email, Instagram direct message, and Facebook messenger. Ian is available for commission works.

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