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Call for Artists open December 1, 2023  – March 7, 2024

Gordon Leverton

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 276

Celebrating 18 consecutive years showing Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF)!

A self-taught artist, Gordon Leverton's previous occupations - as musician, writer, and entrepreneur - have helped form the direction of his painting practice, placing urban landscape and architectural design at the forefront.

During his time as a stay-at-home father between occupations, Leverton took daily walks through Hamilton’s streets and alleys and became fascinated by the inner networks and webs of the city. A latent love of art and design soon emerged and with it, his inspiration to capture those emotions on canvas. Leverton’s portrayal of the city’s architectural elements rendered with flattened perspective, bright colours, and strong play of light and shadow has become his signature style. As he further describes his working process:

“I break down the city into component parts. Shadows, buildings and skylines all become part of the same plane and transform into pieces of a puzzle. Using acrylic paint, I explore a theme common to the urban experience - how community connects us all.”

The City of Hamilton and the Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee have awarded Gordon the 2023 Art of Heritage Award - which recognizes the efforts of an Artist who plays a significant role in educating people on the conservation of Hamilton’s heritage. Leverton is a member of artist groups including Hamilton Artists Inc. and Hamilton Arts Council. He has curated and advised several art committees and is a founding member of the West Hamilton Artists Tour.

In 2022 Leverton launched a new project called SOCIAL SPACE – a series of pop up group art shows – featuring emerging and established artists. His work has appeared in numerous publications, broadcasts and journals and is widely held in private collections in Canada, the
United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. Gordon Leverton makes his home in Hamilton, ON. with his wife Nancy and two children and cat Hugo by his side in the studio.

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