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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Gabriel George


Over the past 15 years art has been my medium for expressing emotions and capturing movements from real life. I started my career as a graphic designer in the year 2009. Later employed my digital, illustrative, and creative skills to shift my focus from 2D to 3D forms. I am an Indo-Canadian visual artist with works including painting, sculpture, and installation art. I prefer working and experimenting with different materials and forms. Most of the paintings done at the beginning of my career took inspiration from nature in many ways by theme and color choices used. I practiced abstract as well as pointillism in my painting. Soon generated interest in found objects and implemented a way to incorporate these objects into my paintings. My works come in both small and large scales. Installations are mostly large-scale. I have an impression that massive size can possibly bring a larger impact on the audience. Sculptures are comparatively smaller in scale and mostly done in metal, bronze, plaster, and clay as these materials have the quality of capturing intricate details. As an artist, my focus never intentionally circled around a certain type of audience. Instead, I always want my works to be accessible and interactive to all kinds of viewers. What matters to me as an artist is “How they see it?” rather than “Who sees it?” My recent works involve nature, human anatomy, found objects, futurism, science, and technology. Currently, 4th-year Sculpture and installation student at OCADU.

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