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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Elsa Hashemi

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 254

Elsa Hashemi is a visual artist whose practice mainly involves Photography, Video-Art-Installation and
Elsa’s work often deals with recurring themes of migration, isolation, womanhood, and how these states
intersect and shape experience. She views her work as a mode of storytelling, and believes that sharing
narratives may be the only way we can collectively begin to make sense of our contemporary realities.

She holds an MFA in Photography, and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Iran and
Canada. She has also been the Recipient of 'RBC Access Funds' and 'RBC Mentorship Award' with
Neighbourhood Arts Networks; and also, the Recipient of Space Award with Toronto Art Council and Akin.
Moreover, she has been working with many Art organizations and the city of Toronto, documenting their
art meetings, mural events, and workshops on significant days like Newcomers Day and Award-winning
celebration days, and also documenting the artists' artwork.

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