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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

Nathan Phillips Square July 7-9

David Chinyama

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 302

David Chinyama is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist specializing in visual arts, design and interactive media. His work is a representation of personal fascinations shaped by different life experiences, ranging from his upbringing in Africa to multi-cultural influences of his adopted home city of Toronto.

Working in multimedia, Chinyama explores subject matters centered upon aspects of identity, encompassing various social, economic, political and religious connotations. Works are constructed from different man-made and natural materials, like fabrics and natural or synthetic fibers that are cut, attached and painted onto canvas or panels creating various forms, patterns and shapes.

Chinyama’s practice can be described as a form of an adaptation to different life transformations, and a reflection of how we mirror and respond to significant social changes at any given time.

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