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TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

Darrell Chocolate

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 223

Darrell Chocolate is a Tłìcho artist and is self-taught, he grew up in a small northern community of Gameti, Northwest Territories, Canada. His ancestral roots come from the Tłìcho people.
Growing up in a small isolated northern community, Darrell admired most of his peers drawing animals and northern landscape. His inspiration for art came from his childhood as he watched CBC’s children’s television show “Mr. Dressup” on his drawing board. It motived him at an early age of six years old and continued to draw and improve with his sketches throughout his young life. Darrell inherited both his parents’ artistic abilities. His mother and both grandmothers with their embroidery and beadwork designs. His fathers drawing skills, and both his grandfathers wood working skills.
In early 2019 Darrell won the art competition for the Northwest Tel phone book cover. It featured him on the APTN National News, Cabin Radio and CBC Radio One. Darrell’s intricate style and detail on his human portraits are clearly unique in its own respect which gives clients a sense of realism in his artwork.
Darrell currently resides in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and has recently left his mining job to pursue his goal of becoming a Full-Time Artist. He devotes his time to his family and painting artwork full time.

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