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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Christine Larivière

Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 192

Passionate humanoid, Christine Larivière is a contemporary figurative painter from the province of Quebec.

His favorite themes are scenes from everyday life.

Regarding her subjects, she values values here and elsewhere.

Our societies require its own habits and customs, which it immortalizes in order to pass the information to the offspring.
It explores urban realities (inhabitants, markets, buildings, etc...), values certain trades (merchants, market sellers, brigadier, transporters, deliverers, etc...), it is challenged by children in their different contexts and who benefit from life.

Christine is captivated by the emotions, attitudes, gestures of the citizen in her environment.

Given the fleeting reality of our lives, his concern is to immortalize everyday life and to leave a testimony of our passage.

The future society will thus be able to appreciate and appropriate the quintessence of its own roots, and continue to forge its own identity.

Christine is a member of the Mondial Art Academia and the Institut des Arts Figuratifs. Recipient of several prizes and scholarships, she counts several cities among the collectors of her work.

*To know the availability of a work or to make an order, you can contact the artist by email at [email protected]

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