Artist Gallery: Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen Gonzalez

Edmonton T5T 0X9
Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 143

Carmen was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which is where she continues to live and create today. Becoming a full time artist was not the career path she intended. However, life’s unforeseen circumstances incredibly pushed her toward an art career.

After eight years of struggling with serious injuries from a car accident, Carmen entered into a five week long rehabilitation program. Upon returning home from rehab, she immediately began taking watercolour classes as part of her recovery therapy. One year later, she began selling her watercolour paintings while being a full time mother of three young children. In 2009, Carmen enrolled in the Visual Fine Arts program at the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta and graduated in April 2013.

Carmen loves painting simple everyday objects. She modern contemporary style leans towards realism; however, it also has elements of illustration, pop, and pattern art. Each painting includes patterned backgrounds to complement and contrast the still life objects. The combination of the objects and patterns adds character and ambience to each composition. She feels like her paintings would be incomplete without her patterns.

She is intrigued with history which is perhaps why she loves painting nostalgic objects. Her vintage objects transport her back in time and trigger sentimental and childhood memories. As well, her bold realism paintings often stimulate the viewer's senses of smell, touch, or taste.

She has always felt captivated and fascinated by art, seeing it as an escape into a magical world of creativity. Ultimately, Carmen's intent is to create fun, colourful, and uplifting art that makes people smile inside and out.

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