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BJ Sosa

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BJ Sosa is a self-taught artist born in Calgary, Alberta in 1980.
From a young age he instinctively had a strong interest in the arts, particularly in drawing and painting the Rocky Mountains. When BJ was eight he had special opportunity to paint part of the Olympic mural at his elementary school which solidified his early instincts to become an Artist.
At age ten, BJ moved to the US where he spent the next decade far away from drawing and painting the mountains as he wished he could.
BJ returned to Canada in 2000 and spent twelve years in Ontario before completing the move back home to Calgary.
Being back near the mountains has spurred BJ’s instinctive energy to once again draw and paint the mountains as he did as a child.
BJ works with acrylic paints and ink to develop a unique way of depicting the Western Canadian landscape for you!

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