Artist Gallery: Arshin Agashteh

Arshin Agashteh

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Arshin is a visual artist. she holds a master of fine Art from Tehran university of Art. Also, she holds a Bachelor degree of Clinical Psychology.
She has had Many solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, Florence, Seattle, Beirut. And, her artworks has been curated by some celebrated curators like Fereydoon Ave.
As an experimental Artist, Arshin’s paintings focus on abstract figurative art with different concepts like: children, war, myths and whatever helps her to express her idea. The main characters of her artworks can be a human or animal coming from the stories into her artworks. But, She put them in a minimalistic space .Technically, the paintings are made of various media like: oil painting, acrylic, ink, resin, …. So, we can consider them as a mixed media art.
Conceptually, there is a story behind each painting which should be discovered. Visually and thematically, She is inspired from classical paintings and illustrations of Iran.

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