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Canada’s leading contemporary outdoor and online art fair

July 12 – 14, 2024.

Adam McNamara

New Germany
Nathan Phillips Square
Booth 206

Adam McNamara (he/him) is a wood artist known for his innovative approach to wood carving, drawing inspiration from the natural world and modern design elements. Employing power carving and fine carving bits, he achieves realistic detail in their pieces, resembling intricate paintings in wood. His creative process is deeply rooted in the world outside, particularly local ecosystems and hidden treasures within them. Adam’s preference for wood as their primary medium stems from a lifelong fascination with wood grain color and uniqueness, particularly favoring maple wood burl and stormfallen timbers he discovers. Influenced by anatomical drawings from Darwin's era and the impressionism movement in painting, Adam strives to emulate the look of painting with wood, infusing his pieces with themes of appreciation for small creatures that hold ecosystems together and the preservation of nature's intricate beauty. Adam’s accolades include multiple exhibitions both locally and internationally, charity campaigns, and competitions over the years, with recent collaborations include a commission by Timberland Canada for hurricane relief in Nova Scotia. Adam prioritizes sustainability by sourcing wood from forests or purchasing scraps from woodworkers, repurposing all scrap to minimize waste. His self-taught journey pushes boundaries, with each piece serving as a discovery of new techniques and practices, contributing to the evolution of wood art.

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