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TOAF will take place July 12 – 14, 2024.

black and white  charcoal drawing of a hydro tower on white rag paper, energetic lines surrounding the tower. parts of the hydro station are shown on the ground below

La Tour Hydro, Vive Le Canada

Edith Kernerman
The ubiquitous hydro tower has become a part of the Canadian landscape. Are they particularly beautiful? I don’t think so although some have interesting shapes and are almost figurative at time. But I think that to become part of the landscape and not be so noticeable is substantial and meaningful and worrisome. I think it remarkable that we rarely discuss these towers and the possible effects they have on our environment, on the flora and fauna in Canada, and on the people living near them.
60.96 × 121.92 cm
2D Works
charcoal, chalk pastel, chalk on rag paper. Framed

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