Artist Gallery: Cherry Archer

Cherry Archer


Cherry Archer is a Vancouver based artist. She studied photography at Focal Point, Vancouver and fashion design at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario.

Her art is informed by ecopsychology, a field which fosters ecological thinking and documents how exposure to nature benefits mental, physical, and emotional well being. With each creation, she examines her relationship to the natural world and seeks to create a visual interpretation of emotions, memories, and sensations experienced during her outdoor interaction.

Cherry's process begins with snipping plants grown in her garden or with a long forest or urban walk to forage botanicals. She composes, then incrementally freezes the vegetation in water to form what she calls Botanical Ice Tiles. The tiles are illuminated with coloured light, then photographed over several sessions.

Cherry uses the ice to explore tensions between randomness and control, transience and preservation, and reality versus abstraction.

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