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C Magazine, founded in 1984, is an internationally-recognized platform dedicated to advancing significant ideas in contemporary art and criticism. The online platform and print magazine, published 3 times a year, facilitate pluralistic, interdisciplinary, imaginative, and historically-engaged conversations about art and its impact, with a focus on under-published practitioners residing in Canada and Canadians abroad. From commissioned texts to related programs and two annual writing awards for emerging thinkers, C Magazine is committed to expanding the breadth of critical art dialogue.

What struck us about these paintings, photographs, and sculptures, are the way they show familiar moments—the soft touch from a loved one, the nearby grocery store, for instance—through experiments with form that express intimacy and relation. Smudges, blurs, anxious brushstrokes, collage, and the placement of figures in space evoke poetic depths of connection through the individual, multiple subjects, or their environment. These works introduce new ways of looking at each other and ourselves in the everyday.

—Maandeeq Mohamed and Joy Xiang, C Magazine editors

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