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Textures of Time

Christine Kim works primarily in cut paper illustration. With a background in Fine Arts, her work revolves around themes of permeable boundaries that take the shape of fences, patterns and foliage. She lives and works in Toronto as an artist and arts educator.

Being a new mother has altered my relationship to time. My life is now divided by daily staccatos of naps, wake windows and feeds, but also the longer stretches of time marked by milestones. This collection is inspired by the slow march of time with its methodical observation of textures, the contemplative weaving of patterns, and the accumulation of marks. It is also about capturing fleeting moments: flickering shadows on a bedroom wall, the clarity granted by an afternoon sun, or the haunting purple haze of dusk during that witching hour. These works require you to pause and imagine the artist’s hand scribbling furiously, or meditatively weaving, and stopping here and there to hover above the surface in moments of reflection.

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